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Submitted 2016-05-04 04:00:13 Before the morning session Authentic Montae Nicholson Jersey , the mother accused of emotion, waiting for the court reporter in the side console her camera reporter Hake
The sub Xu, after obtaining substantial demolition section hooked on gambling, gambled away all the money not only demolition, but also owed a huge debt, the final spin wives and children. He was unable to repay because of throwing sixty mother away from home.

To make a living, willow (a pseudonym) will be ex-husband Xu taken to court to require the demolition of hundreds of thousands of paid and share a two-bedroom resettlement. This morning,tn requin pas cher, the case in court Songzhuang, Tongzhou trial court.

Tragedy staged a happy life is to break flourishes

Willow and Xu are Beijing. Willow in International Trade Authentic Jonathan Allen Jersey ,a company work, a considerable monthly income. 2005 was introduced to Xu.

"The first time I saw him I was very satisfied." Willow said Xu gave her a good impression, "although earn much, but were very good, honest part, I tried to find a sense to live. "after the first meeting, the two sides are satisfied, and soon the two official talked about love.

Sweet love after two years, the two married, married two years Authentic Ryan Kerrigan Jersey , his son was born. Married life, with Willow "has been very good," summed up.

Until 2011, the demolition of the village, Xu share of nearly one million and two sets of resettlement housing demolition section. With the room, also bought a car,air max 90, can be a happy life has suffered a screeching halt.

Hooked on gambling large debt owed

Beginning last year, Willow found her husband something was amiss. Initially Xu always an excuse not to go home to work overtime. And each "finish your shift" at home,Xu dived headfirst in bed Authentic Jordan Reed Jersey , listless whole person. Because too often, willow husband immediately went to a telephone call unit, the unit said the results did not permit any value over night.

Willow pressed down, Xu admitted by colleagues got me playing, "I felt a little big men play cards." Until one day her husband came home and plop kneeling in front of her mother, said he owed more than 30 million gambling debts,nike air max pas cher, if not also going to be cut fingers, the family realized that a serious problem.

The first time,http: Authentic Josh Norman Jersey , the family has a gambling debt for Xu,, Xu also promised not to bet, but soon relapse.

"For as long as he has money,, he immediately gamble,?mod=viewthread&tid=1232576, and repeatedly three or four times." Willow said,Veste barbour, beginning she never thought of divorce Authentic Trent Williams Jersey , I did not expect life suddenly stumbled, "last year lost 100 million yuan this year it lost $ 1.5 million. demolition shall also the whole debt, owed 1.5 million yuan. "

Gambling is not a wife a divorce

Willow said, in order to help Xu gambling, she can be said to be exhausted way, but as long as there are loopholes, Xu still slip out of gambling, "and I have a father in the game room to seize him,http: , he actually said that he can not change . "

In order not to tie gambling Xu Authentic Adrian Peterson Jersey , Xu family has requested to take her son from school every day, but he often missed appointments. Seeing lovely son more and more silent, for children, willow filed for divorce. I did not expect Xu did not hesitate, did not fight for custody, agreed, son return willow.

To make a living, willow (a pseudonym) will be ex-husband Xu and Lee before her mother sued the court to require the demolition of hundreds of thousands of paid and share a two-bedroom resettlement.

Her mother sued the court hearing live chatter son

9:30, the same as the defendant's mother Xu Lee into the court, saw in the media Authentic Alex Smith Jersey , Ms. Lee decided not to participate in the temporary trial, by permission of the judge, to appear in court less than five minutes after Lee out of the courtroom. And Xu is simply not show up.

"I do not know where he is, we could not find him." By the defendant said.

Willow alleged that, according to the demolition compensation agreement, compensation is based on a four to, indicating the compensation money houses and have her copy because of the demolition also involves Lee, so divorce is not involved.

Half of the trial, due to the demolition of the house comes to whether the flip, the agent can not tell the defendant Authentic Troy Apke Jersey , Lee pushed the door into the courtroom. Since then she began to chatter by his son many are not. "I was a son to exercise the utmost force." Just a talk, Ms. Lee on the red eye socket, then begin counting down to his son but also the amount of money, "I have nothing left." Getting more and more excited,roshe run pas cher, Lee Behind his cry.

Today's hearing, the defense that the plaintiff is not a village, the villagers should not get benefits demolition and resettlement housing in which there is another village,do not agree with the plaintiffs appeal. Text reporter Hung snow
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